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Pinups with Purpose; the Power of Social Activism through Digital Collectibles, NFTs, and Artistic Expression in the Meta Betties' Universe with Jason and Blakelee Pieroni

Pinups with Purpose; the Power of Social Activism through Digital Collectibles, NFTs, and Artistic Expression in the Meta Betties' Universe with Jason and Blakelee Pieroni

Empowering the Feminine Voice through Classic Charm & Contemporary Causes: The Meta Betties Universe leverages digital collectibles, mobilizing communities to advocate & unite for political change.


In this episode, Tori interviews the founders of Meta Betties, Jason and Blakely Pieroni, who will share the origins, mission, and vision of the unique Meta Betties universe. Meta Betties combines the charm of 1940s pinup art with the progressive ideals of social activism, all minted on the Ethereum blockchain. We'll discuss the strategic use of Web3 technologies as tools for feminist advocacy, delve into the provocative nature of Meta Betties' art, and examine the role of digital personas in addressing key social issues. This series promises to offer a comprehensive look at how digital collectibles can extend beyond artistic expression to enact real-world change and challenge societal norms. Join us for an enlightening conversation on the future of art, activism, and technology.

Podcast Notes:

  • [00:03:45] Meet the Pieronis:

    • Jason and Blakely Pieroni share their journey of creating Meta Betties and its mission to merge digital art with activism.

  • [00:07:30] The Essence of Meta Betties:

    • Discussion on the concept of Meta Betties, transforming 1940s pinup aesthetics into symbols of social justice, minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • [00:12:15] Personal Motivations:

    • Tori, Jason, and Blakely share their intentions, fears, and boundaries, emphasizing the desire for meaningful conversation and positive societal impact.

  • [00:18:50] Web3 as a Feminist Tool:

    • Blakely highlights the potential of Web3 to challenge gender biases and foster equality through digital platforms.

  • [00:24:10] Artistic Intention and Provocation:

    • The conversation dives into the provocative nature of Meta Betties’ art, challenging societal norms and sparking dialogue on contentious issues.

  • [00:30:35] Meta Betties’ Personas:

    • Exploration of Meta Betties’ diverse personas, each representing critical social issues from mental health to women's rights, and how they encourage activism.

  • [00:37:20] Activism through Art:

    • Discussion on how Meta Betties links art enthusiasts with policy change makers, enabling direct action on pressing social issues.

  • [00:42:55] The Future Vision:

    • Jason and Blakely share their aspirations for Meta Betties, including evolving the digital collectibles and expanding their activist platform.

  • [00:48:40] Reflection on AI and Politics:

    • The conversation shifts to the implications of AI in politics and public policy, pondering the potential benefits and dangers.

  • [00:53:15] Closing Thoughts:

    • Tori wraps up the podcast with gratitude, emphasizing the importance of initiatives like Meta Betties in driving societal change through digital innovation.

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