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Rhythms of Rebellion in Web3: Exploring Hyperpunk with Ireland's Own Uppbeat

Rhythms of Rebellion in Web3: Exploring Hyperpunk with Ireland's Own Uppbeat

Uppbeat, punkrapper and music producer from West Ireland, melds Ireland's heart with his genre, Hyperpunk, highlighting music's role in healing and cultural identity.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In this episode, LIVE from NFT London, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Uppbeat, an artist and musician from Ireland known for his unique “Hyperpunk” genre—a fusion of punk attitude, hip-hop elements, and compelling storytelling, deeply influenced by his upbringing in the West of Ireland.

We dove into the essence of his music, the rich tapestry of cultural and generational trauma that shapes his work, and his ambition to connect with audiences globally by narrating the distinctive experience of his homeland. Our conversation also touched on personal journeys of healing and mental health advocacy, highlighting the transformative power of art in addressing societal issues.

Uppbeat shared insights into navigating the digital age with authenticity and discipline, underscoring the role of music as a healing tool through its frequencies and vibrations. As we wrapped up, we reflected on the importance of engaging diverse perspectives and the potential of storytelling and activism to drive change in the digital era.

Podcast Notes:

[00:15] Uppbeat - The Artist and Musician

[01:00] Hyperpunk Music Defined

[02:30] Musical Inspirations and Message

[04:00] The Essence of the West of Ireland

[05:30] Trauma, Healing, and Mental Health

[07:00] Exploring Generational Trauma

[10:30] Beyond Generational Divides

[12:00] The Role of Discipline in a World of Distraction

[13:30] Healing through Music

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